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So August 25th was my baby shower, and during/after it I swelled up horribly. My ankles were like, GONE. I elevated my feet, rested, drank some water, and they went down. It unnerved me a little, since prior to that I really hadn't had any swelling, but it went down, so I figured I was fine.

A few days later, I had a doctors appointment, and before going to it, I decided I ought to weigh myself on my home scale just to assess the damage. I had gained 10 POUNDS in 2 weeks. My eating habits hadn't changed at all, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I hit google and read about Pre-Eclampsia, and started to get really nervous. I went to my doctors appointment, and my blood pressure was fine (120 over 70) and there was no protein in my urine. There were white blood cells in my urine though.

They had me do a clean catch, and never called, which normally for my doctors office means everything is fine; they only call if something has come up.

I was still kinda concerned about the swelling, which has come and gone over the past week (though never as bad as at my shower), but I've been trying to ignore it because I felt like a hypochondriac when the doctor had said everything was fine.

So tonight, I'm at a restaurant, and I start seeing stars. Literally. At first I thought there was glitter falling from the ceiling, and then realized it was me. it was like tiny fireflies floating around in my vision. It lasted about a minute and a half, and then went away. But I remembered reading something about vision issues, and went to the index of one of my pregnancy books.

It's about pre eclampsia. So I went to the hospital. My fingers and ankles were also swelling at this time.

So my blood pressure was mildly elevated (128 over 87) and there was protein in my urine this time. My blood work came up fine (though I don't know exactly what that means in that I don't know what they were checking for in it anyway). I've been sent home with a 24 gallon urine collection jug since apparently that's a little more accurate than just peeing in a cup.

Basically, it sounds like they think I have pre-eclampsia, but it's not an official diagnosis yet, until I do the urine jug thing.

So here's my question.

Has anyone else had pre-eclampsia? What all did that mean in practical terms for your pregnancy? What effect did it have on you or your baby? Did they make you deliver early? Did you have to go on bedrest?

Any personal stories would be appreciated. I've read a lot and I know what it is in medical terms, but I'm wondering what exactly it means in practical terms.

Thank you guys so much.

X posted.

~Lindsay Carol~
33weeks 4 days
Due October 18th.
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